FAQS for International Students

Can I apply online?

Yes, all international students are welcome to apply online. After receiving the requested documents, we start the enrollment process and, if everything is in order, you will receive a letter of pre-acceptance within two business days.


Is medical insurance mandatory?

Yes, all international students must provide the college with a copy of their health insurance card on their first day of class. It is a requirement of the Ministry of Education.


Does Can-AIM provide accommodation?

Can-AIM has accommodation options available. However, if you would like to know where you can find a place to live in Toronto, cost of living and other useful tips, feel free to contact us.


Does Can-AIM offer scholarships for international students?

No, Can-AIM does not have a scholarship program for international students. However, we’re always ready to help students transitioning to this locality.


My study permit was denied, but I would like to apply again. Is it possible?

You can receive a second letter of acceptance from us. Fees may apply based on some conditions. Please contact us for more information.


Is the registration fee refundable?

No, the registration fee is not refundable, but tuition is, so for more information about the amount refunded contact