About the Program


These courses build on students’ previous education and language knowledge to introduce them to the English language and help them adjust to the diversity in their new environment. Students will use beginning English language skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing for everyday and essential academic purposes. They will engage in short conversations using basic English language structures and simple sentence patterns; read short adapted texts; and write phrases and short sentences. The courses also provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to begin to adapt to their new lives in Canada.



Can-AIM Career Academy offers 2 levels of full-time ESL courses. Each level is 8 weeks long.

Small Classes


We offer small classes, that means the student will have the chance to receive a more personalized approach on each lesson.

Thorough Education


Practice makes life easier, and because Can-AIM really believes on this idea, we make sure that assignments and presentation will be part of your routine while studying with us. Each course covers the skills of the language (Listening, speaking, reading and writing) and our ESL classes teach you how to write research papers using the right strategies for academic success.

Career Education


Expectations in the ESL program include many opportunities for students to apply their language skills to work-related situations, to explore educational and career options, and to become self-directed learners. To prepare students for the literacy demands of a wide array of post-secondary educational programs and careers, ESL courses require students to develop research skills, practice expository writing, and learn strategies for understanding informational reading materials. Making oral presentations and working in small groups with classmates help students express themselves confidently and work cooperatively with others.



Successful graduates of this program will gain entry into


-Diploma program offered by Can-AIM Career Academy
-Programs offered by Public Colleges
-Programs offered by other Private Career Colleges
-Programs offered by Universities

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