An Interactive Learning Environment

Can-AIM takes great pride in providing an interactive, hands-on learning environment that is inclusive, with teachers and support staff that can engage with students on both an academic and emotional level. We believe hands-on work enhances the students learning ability and teaches valuable lessons which otherwise are time-consuming to learn.

Individual Focus, Small Classroom Sizes

Our international students are provided with a very personalized educational program. They receive individual attention from teachers and are always engaged in a hands-on environment. Our international students are offered a unique experience as they are fully immersed with Canadian students. They have a wonderful opportunity to improve their language skills and make new Canadian friends. We value each student as an important part of our society and work diligently towards giving them the highest quality experience possible.

Dynamic Classes

Can-AIM custom-makes the program to the individual student. Considering each international student’s learning style and extra-curricular responsibilities; we are able to customize a plan unique to the individual that allows each international student to reach their potential. Can-AIMs unique experiential learning environment is one of the key pillars of our success. Experiential learning encourages students to be enthusiastic and engaged in their learning process. It brings the classroom to life and takes the students outside the traditional classroom setting to participate in hands-on learning. Our international students love Can-AIM and keep coming back for more every year!

Future Project – New Building Coming Soon

Team Members

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Fayyaz Walana

Director of International Recruitment

Along with advising new and continuing international students with immigration compliance, cultural adjustment, post-graduation opportunities, and academic success, Fayyaz has demonstrated a history of working in the writing and editing industry. His skills include Coaching, Arbitration, Editing, Public Speaking, and Developing Media strategies.

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Haroon Siddique

Certified Professor

Holding valuable teaching and industrial experience for more than 2 decades in the field of IT and computer networks, Haroon has taught Networking Courses (R&S, Data Center), Computer and Network Security, Cloud Computing, PHP, MySQL, Oracle, Programming, and various other IT-related courses. He was presented with the Teaching Excellence Award in 2017.

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Zafran Hilur

IT Consultant

A graduate from the University of Toronto – University College, Zafran specializes in Cloud Computing Infrastructure, Systems Engineering, and Virtualization. He’s been servicing clients in the Financing, Technology, Aerospace and Medical Industries using business development skills and offers Consulting Services in VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V.