Why Can-AIM?

We endeavor to enroll students who have demonstrated academic achievement, possess a positive attitude toward schooling, and seek a well-rounded, rigorous education. We look for candidates who will benefit from our educational program and who will contribute positively to the community. Can-AIM welcomes students to our growing community of students from various parts of the world. We’re proud to say we’re one of the premier multicultural colleges within Ontario.


The mission of Can-AIM is to contribute significantly through academic and allied activities to prepare students for the rigorous demands of society. This mission will be accomplished through excellence in teaching/learning, made stronger through active partnership with members of the community. Our vision is to impart affordable, high quality education and to become a centre of academic excellence that is a preferred choice of talented students.



Can-AIM Careers Academy IS A DESIGNATED LEARNING INSTITUTION authorized to receive international students. Our “Campus Re-Opening Plan and Plan for arrival of International Students During Pandemic Restrictions” was approved by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities. We’re currently awaiting the re-opening of in-person training so we can resume the intake of new international students.


Since the moment the COVID 19 was announced as a pandemic by the WHO in January of this year, Can-AIM’s commitment to protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of the college’s community was made more evident than ever. We monitored on a daily basis how the pandemic evolved, and then decided to close the PCC indefinitely, until the re-opening of in-person training.


Once the borders are open again, however, and the lockdown restrictions are lifted, procedures will be in place to ensure our international students arrive in Canada, free from COVID 19 infection and remain under surveillance of our college during the 14-day quarantine period required by the government of Canada.


As we prepare to re-open our campus down the road, we continue to be committed to the health, safety and well-being of staff, students, and faculty members. The health and safety of our college community being at our top priority, we have made plans to return to campus in accordance with our ministry, provincial and federal governments, local health agencies, and the province’s re-opening framework. We are ensuring that our procedures are up to date and aligned with the Ministry of Health’s guidance.


We are committed to ensuring that all health and safety requirements are met across every space at our campus. We have created health and safety guidelines in accordance with the Ontario Government that will be effectively displayed throughout our campus. Our re-opening plan outlines the safety and hygiene practices that will enable us to create a safe environment for everyone.


In this plan, we describe the measures to be taken prior to arrival and upon arrival in Canada. The description includes but it’s not limited to:


– Items to be communicated to students prior to traveling to Canada and the description of how the communication will take place
– Information to be requested from students to attest that their health status meets the requirements of the government of Canada
– The steps to take upon arrival
– Case management and outbreak response
– Quarantine requirements and procedures
– Post-quarantine requirements and procedures


The measures also include an assessment of each office space, washrooms, and common areas to ensure we adhere to physical distancing guidelines and maintain a safe and healthy work environment. Each of our rooms has been thoroughly assessed to comply with our provincial workplace guidelines, public health and safety regulations, as well as Public Services Health & Safety Association guidance for Career Colleges.


Our not-numerous staff, combined with the spacious office area of our campus allows us to offer our team a very safe environment from the social distancing point of view. Even if all the members of the team return to the campus at the same time, we will be able to maintain a safe distance from each other. The nature of our programs and the state of the art equipment we count on, allows our students and faculty members to continue classes online and our intention is to keep it that way until the authorities deem fully safe to return to campuses without the need of a blended format; however, our spacious classrooms and the safety measures we’ve taken have prepared our facilities to provide in class lessons with the required 2 meter social distancing.


We continue providing our students with online support in the areas of Student Services, Career Services, and Pathway. Our team is fully equipped to organizing virtual one-on-one meetings by phone, or video conference. Our Admissions Advisors keep recruiting new students through personalized consultation by e-mail, telephone, and video conference too.


The health and safety of our college community is our top priority. Our plan is to return to our campus in accordance with our ministry, provincial and federal governments, local health agencies, and the province’s reopening framework and we are ensuring that our procedures are up to date and aligned with the Ministry of Health’s guidance. We look forward to welcoming everyone back on campus!